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By: hasifah videlcute

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Sunday, 10-Oct-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
**ashford-the designer's outlet & the white-cliff of the dover**

pilih2..tatau doeh nak beli ape???
eyh...cemane nak rotate dowh???sunggoh tak user frenly...:-s
haaa...i found a 10pounds levis..amacam??jeles tak?
me under pressure...shop shop shop till i drop...[hmm bad habit]
the pilot outlet...ok ok gak baju dlm ni...taktau jeee
haaa..muat je lagi nih...another round??dare you to move??
zaa n me..zaa is going back malaysia with her msc-cert nexwik..
this is the rent-car...muatkah??muat jeee..lekkkk jeee
apebendeeee???..sajeje tatau nak watpe..make..haros posing..:d
the scenery of the designer's outlet..very much like bukit jalil
cute-boi n cute-me..eyh??
err..wat is my intention??the laily or the ass???
another unknown rotation..
ouho:-o...now i can see clearly my intention..:">
the white-cliff..see the sea??don look at me..look at the sea..
laily will always snap pix after i went out of a shop...derrr~
huhuhu...im how many kilo weight???huhu..hafta diet this ramdhan
laily n me...backgron:dover's sea
its the castle back there that yu should be notice...not me dhaa
i bot whitemask n havoc..ebseletli not 4me..i donno..:(
weird..wats the intention..:-/...err..the sea back there please.
i had a fight with my boifren..and he don even care to pujok..[>]
so..then i called purat and join her venture to the cantabury...
here's ashford the town where famous designer's outlet were put together all the way from the factory...[i think this kinda place also got in york kot?]

and after 3 and a half hours shopping thru the jungle of the designer's brand..we went to the white-cliff...very near to ashford..around 30mins driving..
its a hill at dover..can see sea one...haiyaaa...very cold until i was like kenot move..

ops bideway..we rent a car ok...takde sape antare kami ade kete..

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