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My name: hasifah videlcute
My Fotopage: http://videlcute.fotopages.com/
About me: a remembrance for good old days kelak ;)
From: United Kingdom
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Hasrul Andry
Latest entry:Izuria & Fares Wedding Reception at Batu Lanchang, Pulau Pinang
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Ouled Kenitra
Latest entry:Berakhirnya Di Sini
Assalamualaikum, Setelah lebih 7 tahun berkarya di sini, saya dengan hati yang berat mengumumkan penamatan blog ini. Ini memandangkan saya sudah lama tidak aktif akibat lain-lain komitmen. Walaubagaimanapun saya masih terus menulis di blog baru iaitu http://lensahatikenitra.blogspot.com/. Semoga ketemu di sana. Wassalam Ouled Kenitra View this Fotopage entry
huda annuar
Latest entry:Presenting our newest addition..!!!
Our bundle of joy is finally here!!! DHYA NADYA Binti MUHAMMAD HUZAIMI..arrived on the 1st of JUNE 2010, at 1.13am, 3.155kg..With the same doctor and place as her big sister, Dhya is delivered safely and mummy is extremely grateful to Allah swt for ‘less struggling labour’…(yeah..compared to Daania last time:P)..Alhamdulillah, the labour took less than 15minutes..(to be frank, mummy opted for an epidural, just to ease the whole process; pre and post labour so that mummy can smile and has a gudnite sle... View this Fotopage entry
huda ainiyah
Latest entry:Adam
ketika usia 6month. anak ini mula menangkat badan seperti ingin merangkak.rupanya mula mengesot kebelakang & kehadapan. magic melihat perkembangan adam setiap hari. thanks tuhan bagi peluang melihat & merasai kejadian manusia Muhammad Adam sehingga kini. rupenya gigih budak kecik yang baru pandai sesuatu perkara explore skill die. hari tu mama tak marah sebab turn abah yang jaga.so mama tolong tgk apekah anak bujang buat kalau tukang jaga tak pegang die. hmmm..die explore rumah die.pusing2 untuk bg ... View this Fotopage entry
Hafizah Hassan
Latest entry:Jln2 ke Sabah 2010
Owh.. since jan till today, i've been to some places- Frazer's hill, Kuala Gandah, Medan, Broga, Tabur (again), Melaka, Genting Highland and latest was Tawau-Semporna-Mabul-Kota Kinabalu.. wahh!! all of that within 5 months makes almost all my weekend full of fun! :-D but i was too lazy to update any photos, just wanna update the most recent one here :P It was a long vacation- 9D 8N full of joy! (and tiredness off course!) View this Fotopage entry
m totally burned!! :P
Mummy Papa
Latest entry:Pulangnya dari sekolah..
aktiviti di kindergarten sgt menyeronokkan hati nurani saya main pasir, panjat pokok, main lumpur (pasir yang dicampur air ~ lumpur ), bakar biskut, conteng muka, dan macam2 lagi.. hasil lepas main pasir.. ops saya malu la mummy..macam mummy :"> pembersihan glove haruslah setiap hari sbb ada satu ni je kalis air jom mandiii g big boy buat semua benda sendiri oke tadaaa.. aaah neinnn (jgn bawah lagii.. sexy eww) 'macho' = gini ke mummy? macho ... View this Fotopage entry
Afifah Jaafar
Latest entry:Raya Raya
Sedikit persiapan raya utk senangkan hati... First time buat sendiri kuih raya yg consider renyah utk dibuat hee.. Raya kali ni agak kurang senang hati sebab kejar dateline. Nak amik gambo waktu raya pun takde mood huhu. Gambo kuih raya kena amik sbb nak wat kenangan sebab balik nanti mgkn takkan buat lagi :-D. View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Raya 2009
Even though the atmosphere does not filled with the excitement as previously felt, the feeling of comforting mind still welcoming me. i hate to start work.... View this Fotopage entry
2 org anak sedara.. urmm nxt year kena ada anak sendri nih
Nurul Huda Abd Rahman
Latest entry:Day 2 @ Pulau Kapas, TERENGGANU
Day 2 7.30am: -Had breakfast (prepared by Kapas Island Resort) 9.00am: -Snorkeling! -Visit to baby turtles area at Gems Island 1.30pm: -Checked-out 2.00pm: -Had our lunch at Mak Cik Gemuk Resort 3.00pm: -Left the Kapas Island -Rest & relax @Jeti Marang 5.00pm: -Went to Pasar Payang -Had dinner at a local warung(Nasi kerabu special :-> ) -Went to Losong for keropok lekor 10.00pm: -Took a bus to KL (a nice double-decker bus I must say!) View this Fotopage entry
linda ms
Latest entry:Umrah & Ziarah Cairo April 2009 - Makkah
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Phalinn Ooi
Latest entry:Get Over It. He's Dead
Yea yea yeah, shamon, auww!! New York, Circa 1987-88 The Tempurung Kelapa-Head MJ. To My Mum, I'm The Best MJ Impersonator. So, Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie? View this Fotopage entry
lama dah punya cerita
Latest entry:South-West of England
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Husna Abdul Rahman
Latest entry:Gambar2 Mu'adz 8 - 10 bulan
My sweet baby boy dah 10 bulan...dah lama tak upload gambar dia....ni ada sket2 gambar dia dr 8 - 10 bulan. Makin nakal dah makin lasak...rasa nak gigit je. My cutie pie...!! View this Fotopage entry
buat muka pelik
i know i know
Latest entry:artic weather hits London
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Hasnizam Photography
Latest entry:Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 / Selamat Tahun Baru 2009
Salam Ma'al Hijrah 1430 Daripada saya kepada semua umat Islam seluruh dunia, marilah kita berdoa bersama-sama untuk kesejahteraan semua umat Islam. Amin. Hasnizam Hashim 31 December 2008 View this Fotopage entry
suraya hebbat
Latest entry:Avril Concert 29 Sept 08
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Jouhari Ali
Latest entry:Saya tak mahu bersubahat lagi
Website ini dari israel. http://whois.domaintools.com/fotopages.com Saya tak mahu bersubahat menjana ekonomi mereka. sekian View this Fotopage entry
sniff sniff, I'm ok
Encik Semutaro
kini aku berada di web http://www.semutaro.com jom join http://www.borakphoto.net View this Fotopage entry
yaacob aida
Latest entry:its way too late

Birth Announcements from WiddlyTin... View this Fotopage entry
yummy yummy
Nor Salwa Damanhuri
Latest entry:Syawal 2008
1st Raya @ Bangi...umah my parents...theme color for this year is peach... View this Fotopage entry
sexy in red
Latest entry:Madrid - Day One (November 2007)
What could I said about Madrid? It's a nice city for sure but to me it's lacking the element of fun and charm. I frankly prefer Barcelona better because of the colors and uniqueness of the Antonio Gaudi architecture and how it's influent the creativity of the people of the city. Whatever it is, this is the Capital City of Spain and one thing for sure I really love Parque The Retiro in Madrid. :-) It's really nice to be sitting there doing nothing but watching people and the day gone by. ... View this Fotopage entry
Indoor Stage
bumah kiut
Latest entry:Our Baby Syahirah
DOB 3/3/08 2.55am Weight: 3.01kg Birth Place: HSI, JB View this Fotopage entry
Zarina Maisara
Latest entry:Wed K Fiza n Bro Mizu..31/05/08
Alhamdulillah..selamat sudah... Perjalanan ke Kelantan yg memenatkan dan packed dengan activity bershopping LOL X dpt nak ambil byk gambar pasal nak kene berperang dengan photographer dier..hoho.. nih yo la yg ado..enjoy! :-D View this Fotopage entry
owwek kewwo
Latest entry:Edinburgh & York
We went to Edinburgh and York during the short easter break. It was a last minute decision, so no complaint on the prices that we have to pay for the accomodationlah. Lucky we get to rent the car for half the price. And the best thing is, because of the mix-up from the internet agent and the apartment/studio owner in Edinburgh, our 3 studios were upgraded to a corporate 3-bedroom apartment. Hannah pon suke, siap crawling merata2 tpt kat situ. Dah la just a stone throw away from the Princes Street (ala2 mcm ... View this Fotopage entry
nana ahmad
Latest entry:update
hi mommies, friends and family.. i might not be able to update my fotopages frequently, but my hubby suddenly do. for your viewing pleasure, please visit his website : http://www.fadzli.com(www.fadzli.com) cheers... nanako View this Fotopage entry
Nami Salman
Latest entry:Wajah-wajah AIN
Setelah sekian lama tak update fotopage kerana kesibukan kerja dan menjaga cik ain... terimalah aksi-aksi ain :-D View this Fotopage entry
dela ahmad
Latest entry:lebit & lebiu
lebit kecik n milew View this Fotopage entry
maya zakry
Latest entry:PISA Swimming & Picnic (Sunday)
Fuh tak sangka this weekend asik pegi tpt2 air.. Saturday pegi Feringgi beach tp Adam tak enjoy sgt, Sunday pulak join K.Mila wif her 2 girls (Uda & Aida) and maid(who babysits Adam) pegi mandi manda kat PISA... this time Adam happy sangat.. gigidah ketaq pun tamau naik lagi.. takut demam lak... After that, picnic depan PISA... mummy lapar gile sbb tak sempat lunch, tp sempat goreng macaroni and tapau bawak pegi picnic,,, LOL View this Fotopage entry
zura Kassim
Latest entry:Hypocrites are not welcome here!
Wow.. I never knew so many people are 'concerned' about me.. concerned ke penyebok? anyways, don't let your clouded judgmental mind to believe everything you see and please don't jump to conclusions too quickly! And one more thing, if you are my friend(s?), please leave your names, ni main baling2 batu sembunyi tangan.. such a hypocrite! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ! View this Fotopage entry
melloyz ahmad
Latest entry:South Mountain and Phoenix
here some photo in Arizona .. later i update the exact location yek .. View this Fotopage entry
naiza adnan
Latest entry:Kenduri - Bukit Jelutong
its the reception for the groom side.. another hectic day... View this Fotopage entry
purat safura
Latest entry:recent trip
View this Fotopage entry
norhayati abdullah
Latest entry:HOME SWEET HOME
28th october 2006 - 2pm went home with harris. adam happy sgt2 that mama n adik dah balik rumah. mcm2 dia order nak makan but semua order papa kena bikin sbb mama masih dalam pantang selepas bersalin. ramai kawan2 mama datang melawat nak tgk baby harris...eventhough cuaca dah semakin sejuk, but mama tgk harris relaks aje. takde menangis malam atau kembung perut, alhamdulillah. malam, harris masih bgn dua kali nak susu dan tukar nappy... View this Fotopage entry
masyoo mushu
Latest entry:Miri
Miri kupegi.Lama dulu.Dah lupa pun camner. Naik flight MU. Miri ok lah. Ada tpt2 lepak. Boleh la... View this Fotopage entry
aeyya shukur
Latest entry:Dil's engagement
"I don't remember how we happened to meet each other. I don't remember who got along with whom first. All I can remember is all of us together...always." View this Fotopage entry
Mawar Ismail
Latest entry:Langkawi Group - Reunited...
hahaha..the title sounds so poyo..kan? View this Fotopage entry
syidee, shinchan n todd
Laily Abdul Rahman
Latest entry:Leicester again :-"
I went to Leicester again, but this time was with my brother, Anas. He comes to UK to visit me.. err.. is that so [i doubt that :-P ] This time was even better since my aunt is also there. :horay: we ate: nasi bukhari upon arrival :satisfied_nod: bbq the next day :groucho: nasi lemak with sambal udang, sotong on our last day there :lol_up: we went to: - city centre with mama [that's what we called our aunt ;-)] Fahad and Sawsan - carboot with cousin, Nadia and her husband Fakhri, plus Fa... View this Fotopage entry
wie fanz
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Jenal AB
View this Fotopage latest entry
queen nr
View this Fotopage latest entry
waniey wook
Latest entry:cleared!
sumer entry sudah selamat di padam. yeayyyyy!!! :horay: tata titi tutuuuuu.. :-D View this Fotopage entry

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